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Wood, C. M., Bunce, R. G. H., Norton, L. R., Maskell, L. C., Smart, S. M., Scott, W. A., Henrys, P. A., Howard, D. C., Wright, S. M., Brown, M. J., Scott, R. J., Stuart, R. C., and Watkins, J. W.: Ecological landscape elements: long-term monitoring in Great Britain, the Countryside Survey 1978–2007 and beyond, Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 10, 745-763,, 2018.

Identifying effective approaches for monitoring national natural capital for policy use

Norton, L. R., Smart, S. M., Maskell, L. C., Henrys, P. A., Wood, C. M., Keith, A. M., Emmett, B. A., Cosby, B. J., Thomas, A., Scholefield, P. A., Greene, S., Morton, R. D. and Rowland, C. S. (2018) 'Identifying effective approaches for monitoring national natural capital for policy use', Ecosystem Services, 30, Part A, 98-106.

Changes in the frequency of common plant species across linear features in Wales from 1990 to 2016: implications for potential delivery of ecosystem services

Smart et al. (2017) analysed an update to the CS time series based on a Welsh Government funded repeat of those CS squares just in Wales that had been visited in every survey since 1978. The analysis for the first time explicitly included variation in recording effort derived from Quality Assurance surveys. We also grouped species by the ecosystem services which they potentially support.  The results showed that the trend for linear features to become more shaded and dominated by trees and shrubs has continued since the last survey in 2007.