CEH Land Cover Plus: Crops 2015

CEH Land Cover Plus: Crops 2015

CEH and Remote Sensing Applications Consultants Ltd (RSAC) are collaborating on a project called Land Cover plus: Crops which exploits Copernicus Sentinel-1 C-band SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) and Sentinel-2 optical data to produce annual crop maps for the whole of the United Kingdom.

Crops 2015, the first ever detailed crop map of the whole of the UK, is the first product from the collaboration. Mapping is carried out within the framework of the CEH Land Cover Map (LCM), with arable/horticultural and improved grassland parcels being coded with 2015 crop type information.

[Key to crops in Land Cover Plus Crops Map 2015] The crop classes in 2015 are winter wheat, winter barley, spring barley, oilseed rape, field beans, potatoes, sugar beet, maize, other (vegetable crops, oats, rye, peas and early potatoes and maize) and improved grass.

A time series of Sentinel-1 data have been used to produce the 2015 map, with more than 350 individual images of the UK being processed covering the whole crop growing season. From 2016 onwards crop mapping will also incorporate the use of Sentinel-2 optical data.