CS technology demonstrated at the Royal Society

April 2008

The Countryside Survey team was recently invited to demonstrate the ‘tablet PC’ (used to record field survey data) at an event held at the UK’s premier scientific institution, the Royal Society in London.

As part of the ‘eScience’ event hosted by NERC (a major sponsor of CS), the tablet was demonstrated to an audience drawn from a cross-section of scientific disciplines. Visitors were interested in the project as a whole, as well as the technology that underpinned the data gathering process. A team of four CEH staff were on hand to chat to visitors and explain what Countryside Survey is all about. The tablet was shown in action, with several visitors commenting on how big an advance had been made over previous paper-based techniques. The tablet’s mapping facilities, which can be used by people who have not been trained in GIS techniques, were also much commented on. The most frequent question from visitors was: “when will the data be ready?” So we already have some eager potential users of data, just waiting for the launch in November 2008!