Land Cover Map 2007 – available soon

March 2011

The new UK Land Cover Map 2007 will be more than just the latest in a series of land cover maps showing the stock and distribution of Broad Habitats across the UK. Derived from satellite imagery and in situ reconnaissance data, it builds on the work of earlier versions (LCM1990 and LCM2000) but introduces a much improved spatial framework. LCM2007 will represent a step change in land cover mapping, creating a spatial database with a ‘field-by-field’ resolution (approx 0.5 hectare) that is more easily recognisable in the real landscape structure and making integration with other datasets and models readily achievable.

The datasets for both GB and NI have been completed and CEH is now busy documenting them, concluding licensing negotiations and preparing the data in different formats ready for distribution, including: “1x1km Dominant” and “1x1km Summary” raster products, a “25x25m raster” and a “vector” product.

The main delivery route to users will be via the CEH Information Gateway at: Some products will be directly downloadable from the CIG but due to large file sizes and licensing considerations some products will require that negotiations and delivery are outside of the CIG environment.

The formal release date of this important new national data set has not yet been finalised but will be announced shortly