Mapping our Natural Capital

Have you ever wanted to know more about our natural capital and where it is?

A new article has been published in the International Association of Landscape Ecology spring Newsletter which describes how CS field survey and Land Cover Map data for 2007 have been combined with other national datasets to produce metrics for natural capital at national scales. The article describes work carried out between CEH and Natural England to make the best available maps of natural capital widely accessible.

The concept of natural capital recognises that the natural environment provides many benefits to people, in terms of our health, wealth and well-being. In recognising that natural resources are a form of ‘capital’, in the same way that ‘built’ or ‘social’ capital are, we ensure that they cannot be ignored in decision making about environmental change.

The natural capital maps are available at a 1km resolution available through dedicated web pages on the CEH website. 


For further details see the IALE UK Spring Newsletter