The UK’s new Land Cover Map - now available

July 2011

LCM2007 - the UK’s new Land Cover Map released today (Wednesday 6 July) provides a continuous coverage of habitat distributions across the UK with improved geometric and thematic resolution. The release of the data is accompanied by the publication of a Final Report for LCM2007 which provides detailed information on how LCM2007 was developed and the different products available.

By basing the so called “spatial framework” on national cartography the 10 million land parcels represented in the new map better correspond to real world objects such as fields, lakes and settlements. Land cover within each parcel was derived from over 70 satellite images containing spectral information which corresponds to different ground surfaces and vegetation types in both summer and winter.

The new spatial framework in LCM2007 will improve our ability to monitor future changes in UK land cover and make it easier to integrate land cover data with other datasets.

Dr Dan Morton from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology led the Land Cover Map project. He said, “At a time when our land surface is under increasing pressure, reliable information on land cover is essential. The demands that we place on our land are often conflicting and need to be balanced to maintain and enhance our quality of life. To address these issues and plan for the future we need to know what we have on our land surface and where it is. The new map provides this information and will find many new applications.”

LCM2007 is available in a range of data formats and spatial resolutions to suit different user requirements