UK results from the 2007 Survey: launch date 18th November

October 2008

 The UK results from Countryside Survey in 2007 are to be published on 18th November. The results will be made publicly available via the project website in the form of an electronic report. A launch event is also being held in London on the same day, involving keynote speeches, presentations, demonstration sessions and other activities designed to help communicate the cutting-edge findings delivered by the project (please note: attendance at the launch event is by invitation only).

The UK results will address many key questions about change in the UK Countryside, including:

  • Has botanical diversity in the countryside changed?
  • Has the length and condition of hedges changed?
  • Has the area and condition of habitats changed?
  • Have there been detectable effects of air pollution and nutrient inputs on vegetation and soils?
  • Have climate change impacts been detected in the UK countryside?

The UK results are the culmination of many months of hard work carried out by the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology: from the initial training of field surveyors, through managing and undertaking the field survey itself, to more recent data processing, analysis and report writing. The journey has been a long and often challenging experience for those involved, yet the quality of the results - coupled with their importance for the UK as a whole - has more than compensated for the effort invested.