Countryside Survey contributes to ‘State of the Natural Environment’ report

May 2008

Natural England has recently published its ‘State of the Natural Environment 2008’ report, which for the first time brings together evidence about the current state of our natural environment and how it underpins our wellbeing and prosperity. By integrating this evidence, Natural England aims to provide an up-to-date resource for informing policies, priorities and decisions that may effect the natural environment. The report is intended for high-level strategic use, thereby complimenting the more detailed and scientific information provided by Countryside Survey.

Both Countryside Survey and Land Cover Map have contributed significantly to Natural England's report, by providing the main sources of data on the distribution and abundance of major habitats across England. Natural Englandis one of a partnership of organisations that is funding Countryside Survey.

On launching the report, Dr Helen Philips, Chief Executive of Natural England, said: "England needs a new approach to conservation if we are to tackle effectively the modern pressures on land created by climate change and development. We need to find ways to manage our landscape to create a mosaic of uses so that we can help wildlife survive. If we don't act, there's a real danger some of our most precious wildlife will be lost forever and our lives will be poorer for it”.