UKCEH Countryside Survey Team

Simon Smart

Dr. Simon Smart

Current project leader: vegetation. Simon is a senior research scientist and botanist at UKCEH. He has 27 years' experience in the recording, analysis, interpretation and statistical modelling of ecological change in temperate environments.
David Robinson

Dr. David Robinson

Current project leader: soils. David is a soil scientist at UKCEH with more than 15 years' experience in international soils research. His interests include land, soil and water management, soil natural capital, and ecosystem service evaluation.
Angus Garbutt

Angus Garbutt

Current project and survey manager. Angus is a senior ecologist at UKCEH. He is a coastal specialist and expert in saltmarsh ecology, processes and management and the ecology of intertidal mudflats .
Bronwen Williams

Bronwen Williams

Bronwen is a project manager with over 10 years’ experience delivering large, complex, multi-organisation projects in a scientific research environment.
Lisa Norton

Dr. Lisa Norton

Lisa is a land use ecologist at UKCEH. She specialises in large-scale, long-term monitoring of the countryside and has an interest on the impact of farming on biodiversity and landscape.
Lindsay Maskell

Dr. Lindsay Maskell

Lindsay is a plant ecologist at UKCEH. She analyses large-scale, long-term monitoring data to detect and understand changes in ecosystems.
Claire Wood

Dr. Claire Wood

Claire is a data manager and spatial analyst for the land use group at UKCEH. She also works to improve data management practices across the organisation more broadly.
Peter Henrys

Dr. Peter Henrys

Peter is the statistical lead for the UKCEH Countryside Survey, as well as other projects and monitoring activities, and has great experience of analysing large scale, long term data sets.
Peter Scarlett in field

Peter Scarlett

Freshwater ecologist.
Field team group photo

Field Team

Chemistry group

Centralised Analytical Chemistry Group

A combination of highly qualified and experienced staff using modern computer controlled instrumentation allows us to offer a facility that can analyse large numbers of samples for a wide range of factors.