Land Cover Map 2015 Now Available

CEH's latest land cover map dataset, Land Cover Map 2015 (LCM2015), is now available.

Summary Description of LMC2015:

  • LCM2015 is the fourth UK Land Cover Map and follows on from previous maps for 1990, 2000 and 2007.
  • LCM2015 maps 21 land cover classes.
  • The classes are the same as LCM2007, but without Rough Grassland and Montane.
  • It is called LCM2015 because it is based primarily on satellite data acquired during 2015.
  • LCM2015 covers the whole of the UK.
  • LCM2015 is available in a range of formats, including vector format, as well as raster (25m and 1km) formats (like LCM2007).
  • LCM2015 is based primarily on Landsat-8 data, so there is no difference in spatial resolution compared to LCM2007. 
  • Sentinel-2 data was not used because it only began routinely acquiring calibrated data at the end of 2015.

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